We trotted up the M1 again to visit the always excellent Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield.

If you’re within any proximity of this place, I really would pay a visit. It suitable for just about anybody including families with acres of space to explore and run around as well as cosy galleries and intimate exhibitions.

We’d had our eye on the KAWS exhibition for some time, most of which we missed, but there were still a number of enormous statues on display.

The major exhibition was work by Not Vital (which is an actual name for this Swiss-born artist not a post-modern pseudonym). This featured a number of large sculptures outdoors with highly reflective surfaces as well as a couple of indoor exhibits.

The munchkins liked the mirrored surfaces especially, “Moon” a large spherical work could be approached and touched which went down well. As did some of the museum’s permanent works including my perennial favorites by Henry Moore.

A few photos of the day, which started very sunny but slowly worked it’s way to a touch overcast before raining as we returned to the car.


Tongue - Not Vital


Moon - Not Vital


Moon - Not Vital


Lily Pad at YSP


YSP Visitor Centre


Heads - Not Vital


Pelvis - Not Vital


Fallen Tree


Along the Way - KAWS