I’m a sucker for writing applied directly to walls, painted or transferred or whatever, I’ll almost always take a snap of it, perhaps I’ll put a collection together at some point.

Now there’s almost always the opportunity to see some writing on walls in art galleries. The exhibition at the Quad didn’t disappoint with plenty of transferred writing applied to the green walls, and it looked pretty great to my eye, most, most satisfying.

As well as the introductory text, all of the exhibit details were applied to the walls or surfaces, as seen on the green photo below. I’m sure they are simply rub down transfers, but it looks really tidy, good job!

Quad Exhibition Lettering

And it’s in marked contrast to some of the lettering at the Nottingham Contemporary at the Huang exhibition, which looked atrocious I’m afraid, I was so disappointed I took a picture, not really expecting to find the contrast at Quad the following week.

Nottingham Contenmpory Exhibition Lettering

You’ll see the ‘Please do not touch’ is applied directly but the description of the work is on some kind of sticker. Also, small irony, you could climb some steps and enter the plane in the exhibit, so you were encouraged to touch it. Fail.

Derby 1 Nottingham 0

Quad Exhibition Lettering