Woolhamtum Wanderers – Halfling Blood Bowl Team

The Woolhampton Wanderers

Putting the ham in Shame

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Lead in the current pre-season by Truffle Cooksman, The Woolhamtum Wanderers can be found touring The Old World Middlelands playing friendly’s and small tournaments

Team mascot and Master Chef, Granny Cooksman, boils, bakes and braises the team into peak fitness. It’s also thanks to Granny Cooksman’s culinary skills that you’ll often see freelance star players, including Deeproot Strongbranch and Akhorne the Squirrel lining up alongside the Wanderers as thanks for a full belly (or fine fertilising draught).

On the line, you’ll find Dom & Pom, the village treemen, who enjoy nothing more than stretching their limbs and bashing the helmets of opposing teams.

Current Roster

# Name Position
1 Toffo Dundee Halfling Hopeful Lineman
2 Worcester Twiglett Halfling Hopeful Lineman
3 Bernard Twizzler Halfling Hopeful Lineman
4 Mingle Spira Halfling Hopeful Lineman
5 Dipper Burton Halfling Hopeful Lineman
6 Nessie Caramac Halfling Hopeful Lineman
7 Spam Grinder Halfling Hopeful Lineman
8 Tabasco Ribbon Halfling Hopeful Lineman
9 Coleman Baker Halfling Hopeful Lineman
10 Bug Rowntree Halfling Hopeful Lineman
11 Findus Pancakes Halfling Catcher
12 Truffle Cooksman Halfling Catcher
13 Pom the Fruitless Treeman
14 Dom Squirrel-home Treeman
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Often called the lost village of Halflings, Woolhamtum was for many generations cut off from the Old World during a cataclysmic event. Woolhamtum Valley remain a fertile rich land where the villages survived, protected by steep natural walls on all sides, neither friend nor enemy made contact.
The wise Village elders made the most of this difficult situation, encouraging self-sufficiency and keeping the people of the village not only alive but flourishing.

Much time passed and a unique culture developed within the valley. Chief amounts this was a passion for competitive sports, usually held alongside competitive cookout events.

One summer, Head Elder at the time, the now venerated Morel Cooksman was struggling with repairing a plough. A twist of fate transformed the upturn tool into an antenna that picked up a rogue Cabalvision signal of an, especially exciting Blood Bowl cup final. Thus began the isolated village’s love for the bloodiest of games.
Morel founded The Woolhamtum Wanderers teams in order to play the newly beloved game and put on an exhibition event at that year’s Midsummer Faire. The event became a regular attraction on the calendar and young villagers found joining the team a great way to both avoid actual work and enjoy meals fit for a (Halfling) athlete.

Many years later a lost Dwarf mining party discovered Woolhamtum and its Blood Bowl mad inhabitants opening up the Village to the wider world and allowing the Wanderers to tour the stadia of the Old World.

Head Coach Offal Cooksman, a descendant of founder Morel is the franchise owner of the Wanderers. The team is somewhat nepotistic, giving the captaincy to son, Truffle Cooksman. Truffle may be a mediocre player, but he has a sharp media savvy mind and brings in great sponsorship deals for himself and the team.


Coming soon, match reports of Quicksnap 2021 at Warhammer World


Truffle Cooksman’s “Will I Turnover on a Block Calculator”

This handy pocket chart will ensure you have the absolute best knowledge on the chance of causing yourself a turnover during a block. Especially important formal the stunts 2 die uphills the Wanderers have to make!

85 x 55mm this invaluable reference is printed on a thick 350gsm card with a gloss lamination and rounder corners, so even if nuffle brings up double skulls, you’ll not get a paper cut.

DONATE to Get your own copy of the guide

To get hold of a copy of the Truffle’s guide, simply follow the link below to the donations page of Rainbows Childrens hospital, Derbyshire. Send a screen cap of your successful donation and your address to and I’ll get some copies in the post to you!

Reward Levels:

SOLO – Donate £10 and receive 1 Guide for yourself
MATES RATES – Donate £20 and receive 5 Guides, enough for you and your mates
THE T.O. – Donate £40 and receive 25 Guides enough for your tournament players
THE COMISH – Donate £75+ and receive 50 Guides enough for your whole league

Woolhamtum Wanderers Tee’s

Maybe, if anyone asks, I can setup a link for folks to buy tee’s and donate some of the fee to Rainbows too.


I’ll do my very best to get things posted out ASAP. If for some random reason, this goes super well, this may take some time! Rainbows is a local hospice for disabled and young people and a legitimate fanatic place to give a little money too. If you’re in the UK, I’ll send by Royal Mail, if you’re not, send me a message via first to check it’s not going to cost more than your donation to get the cards to you! This isn’t an official collaboration with Rainbows, just a nice idea I had.

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