Colours mixing in water

Video: Experimentation for a brand, mixing colours in water

Video: Experimentation for a brand, mixing colours in water

I was experimenting with colour mixing, in the garden, dropping powder inks into a vase of water. As well as taking photos of the mixing in action, I let my iPhone record things happening. Here’s 30 seconds of a cropped section of the colours mixing together. I’ll share the project when it’s complete, it’s pretty early stages right now.

Recording Colours mixing in water

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Kieran takes a unique approach, diving deep into the story that made you, you. What’s the story behind your thriving business that has led you to invest in logo or branding design? In consultation with you, he experiments with a multitude of relevant elements, including your physical environment, your product or service, your mission and values and your USPs. This process means that your resulting brand will have a wealth of meaning to your stakeholders, as well as a beautifully compelling visual design. 


• Award-winning Brand Designer
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• Use elements of your story & environment to create a brand that MEANS something


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