Trying out the Photosphere feature of the Nexus 4 phone in Belper river gardens this weekend. I’m quite a fan of this little tool, although selecting a good place for a shot is key. Nothing too structural too close. The sunshine helped!


If you’ve never encountered photosphere before, it’s like a panoramic photo, but in 360 degrees. 360 pictures aren’t so new, but these are generated by a mobile phone (the Nexus4 from Google), so the barrier to entry is very low. I’m sure as the system develops the stitching will get better.


I reckon if your estate agent isn’t providing you with photosphere 360’s in the next few months, you should kick up a fuss.


Updated! Google have released an embedding widget for Photosphere images which is now implemented on this page, it should be faster and more efficient than the previous 3rd party script I used.


What do you think, gimmick or great?

I’m collating my photosphere examples here:

PhotoSphere Images.