I popped along to the Hatch’d Out event at the Quad this evening.

Had a brief conversation with Triona Doyle, photographic artist. Her exceedingly striking photographs are influenced by much gothicness and victoriana, but she describes it a little better…

“My work illustrates the concept that unexpected beauty can be found in the most unusual of forms, such as that of the surreal and macabre. My influence is a mesh of inspired styles including gothic, Victoriana, curiosities, symbolism and Vanitas art, with which I also incorporate personal memories and stories…”

I’ll be straight, dolls freak me out. Some of my daughters can be exceedingly scary especially when discovering them where I doesn’t expect unclothed, head leaning to one side. Not to mention the ones that make noises, creepy!

Triona is hoping to study for a Masters in London or Prague and would ideally raise the money needed by selling some of her artwork, so if it’s your thing, head on over to her Flickr page and get in touch with her.

Darning Needle



All images © All rights reserved by Triona Doyle