Keeping an eye out on what companies and brands are doing is important to my practice but also something I enjoy. There are any number of sites and blogs around, some of which I follow.

LogoLounge is one of those and each year they produce a Trends report, looking at themes and developments in the world of brand.

It was good to see it reproduced in Creative Review as it had slipped down the list in my RSS reader (Pulse for Android, get it). It’s always an interesting analysis if a little subjective on what the editor see’s logo wise, but I always like to guess what will be on it and see if any I’ve spotted match.

This year I predicted Gradients, which was a sitter, Banding, which I guess sits with gradients, and Bucky’s (or triangles). Of the others I’d really not hit on Blur (perhaps because I don’t like it) or Brown, despite loving brown.

Read the article at LogoLounge or have a look at Creative Review.