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Teeth Chart

Reward Sticker Charts

I rustled up these sticker charts a short while back as encouragement for various toddler based goals namely eating meals, using the potty and brushing teeth.

The teeth chart and meals one really worked for us, the potty one was perhaps too early for our toddler and we didn’t bring it out when we eventually persuaded her to go in ‘big girl pants’.

Sometimes you’ll try anything to get the adorable ones doing your will and I hope by sharing these charts I’ll have helped another parent out in some small way. They’re somewhat girly, no apologies as they were made for a girl! I recommend princess shaped stickers for maximum effect!


Meals Chart

Download the Meals Sticker Chart


Teeth Chart

Download the Teeth Cleaning Sticker Chart


Potty Chart

Download the Potty Training Sticker Chart

Sticker Charts by Kieran Harrod are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Do download, print and use with your toddler!

I’d love to hear if you’ve downloaded and printed one and how you’ve got on!

Kieran Harrod
Kieran Harrod

Kieran Harrod is an independent Creative Director and Graphic Designer. Practicing design since 1999, Kieran is based in central Derby and works across the UK and internationally. Kieran has a passion for exceptional design combined with great ideas and bags of integrity.

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