Earlier in the year during a seaside holiday, we visited the RNLI Lifeboat Station in Cromer. Sat at the end of Cromer Pier, the station is open to the public and carries all sorts of historical and current information on the service. Something that stood out to me was the boards displayed throughout the station featuring the details of rescues right back to the first recorded launch in the mid-1800’s.

The boards are wonderfully sign written by hand with the most fabulous letters, the cross bars on the lowercase t’s and f’s are amazing. As are some of the d’s. All in all beautiful.

There’s been a dip in quality at Cromer since the 1970’s boards but the latest couple look better. I guess the skills to hand create these are being somewhat lost, which is a shame.


Early board


An early board


1940's board


Super "v"


Very Early Board


That "w"


Thicker and in white paint


Love the "ing"


More recent, less excellent.


A little shaky.