I’ve been working with Audax to create a complete brand refresh for their logo, following on from the work detailed below. View the new logo and it’s guidelines on the Audax Logo Guidelines and view my the new Audax Brand.

One of my things is keeping an eye on brands logo developments, checking out when they change, tweek or update their logos.

Sometimes these make the regular news, perhaps you remember the Gap Re-brand that they quick backtracked on? Or the Starbucks update, which made the TV as I recall?

Most don’t make any waves. Many are just little tweaks here and there, small steps that evolve a brand over time, keeping the brand fresh but true to it’s history. The Shell logo is a great example of this.

Tweaking an existing design was the spec for the Audax UK eagle logo.

The client had an existing design that was used in various places of the cycling organisation. The members were keen to keep the overall look of the eagle element but there was a need to improve certain parts of it and look at how to introduce colour. The font also needed some development.

I’d made some suggestions which wouldn’t pass the members inspection, such as thickening the ‘spoke’ element for better production purposes, but some steps were too far.

The final font is Avenir, the 1988 face designed by Adrian Frutiger.

Ultimately the final improved logo created a more sleek, sharper bird with a sweeping tail and more natural wings. The face is, well, pointier and the claw smaller.

Here’s the old vs new comparison.

Audax Logo Comparison

And here’s a some of the development pages.

Logo Development

Further Development

A description of the changes

Logo Changes

A number of final versions

Final Logos

And finally an video showing the evolution.

Audax Logo Refresh from Kieran Harrod on Vimeo.

And the youtube version for mobile visitors…

You can head over to the Audax UK site to see what they are up to.

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