Duffield Parish Church, Derbyshire commissioned me to create the promotional materials for a forthcoming course they were holding. The course is designed to introduce Jesus to non Christians and entitled “Encounters with Jesus”.

They had a very open brief to “not look like something a church would create”.

Church members typically invite friends and family to the course so I chose to develop a number of postcard sized invitations. The invites feature a series of images from local landmarks overlay by the wording ‘Encounters’.

Encounters Invites

To accompany the invites a series of posters were produced to display around the local area. The posters featured a QR code enabling smartphone users to contact the Church Office quickly.

Encounters Poster
Poster variation

As well as design I also originated the idea and took the photographs for the materials.

Finally in the way of these things I created a series of stills for video production purposes.

Oh and for more info on the course, head over this way… Duffield Parish Church