Windsor Chester Windsor Cycling Logo and Branding

Modern heraldic logo design and wider branding for exclusive 600km cycle event Windsor Chester Windsor.

Windsor Chester Windsor (WCW) is a 600km Audax cycling event between the titular cities. I created the logo and branding for this exclusive endurance experience.


WCW was the UK’s first ever 600km Audax event established in 1976 as a qualifying event for the highly prestigious Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) even in France. Audax comes from the latin for bold, an it’s encompassed by the 1200km Parisian event, qualifying and completing in PBP remains the pinnacle of the discipline.


The 2015 event was something of a relaunch for the the event and the organises wanted something that represented the classic nature of the meeting but that was also modern and forward thinking.


I created a heraldry based brand that drew its inspiration from the history of the two cities, Windsor and Chester, with their royal connections, rivers and city sigils. The design features elements from cycling as well as featuring the Audax UK branding.


The orange and blue colour scheme creates a striking impact and creates a space for bright and bold designs for cycling shirts and other materials. You get an idea on what happened in the 2015 event via this video from Damon Peacock.

Windsor Chester Windsor Logo
Windsor Chester Windsor Logo