White Noise Project Music Artist Branding

Branding and Logo Creation for independent music artist

White Noise Project Logo

The Project: Develop a creative brand identity to support the ambitions of an independent music creator. The visual brand needed to chime with the audio brand.

The Solution: What better way to create a musical brand than to use music itself? I developed an intriguing brand using music to generate patterns from paint medium before refining the design for a digital-first application.

How does sound look?

I took on the challenge of representing White Noise Project visually by allowing the music to generate the work. Experimenting with paint medium thicknesses, chunks of music, volume, bass and treble on a charity shop speaker. Tuning the settings and paints to create jumping paint, arcing, splatting and bouncing from the speaker head.


Capturing this by placing paper at differing heights to imprint patterns on the page before digitising and combing patterns to develop a final set of visual logo elements with a halftone finish.