Victoria Written Logo Branding

Freelance Copywriting Logo Design and Brand Direction

The Project: Targeting SME’s through direct sales and social channels, Victoria Written was looking to introduce a visual brand that reflects the creation of successful copy, being clear, crisp and without “waffle”.

The Solution: I developed a contemporary and understated brand that reflected the personality of Victoria. The design will aid in positioning the business as a professional, successful copywriting service. At the same time the design hints at the personal nature of developing a business relationship alongside Victoria.

Far more than copywriting.

Pitching a Word Strategist, Victoria Written offers services centre around copywriting; but the business is “Far more than copywriting”, with an eye on strategies and marketing around the wording and presentation of a clients business.


Using a unique serif font combined with a sharp clean logo, the design creates a highly modern look whilst reflecting the care and craft inherent in the art of copywriting.


I created the original design using some paper cutting, highlighting the origin of the word “write” and referencing the manual process of writing with a manual design method. This was digitised for the final pace but I kept the original paper cut triangles and repurposed them with some hand drawn additions for a series of “stickers” for use across the brand especially on social media posts.

Origin of the Word Write
Hand drawn sticker set