Textile Deli Branding and Logo

Textile Deli Logo Design. Created to remind the viewer of a ball of wool at one glance, a pimento stuffed olive at another and a clean, crisp professional brand in a third.

Textile Deli create bespoke hand crafted cases for iPads and laptops to the higher end of the market. Crafted from fabrics, organic where possible, the cases focus on being unique and exceedingly high quality boasting endless options for colour and texture.

After taking time to develop beautiful and protective products, Textile Deli were ready to create an identity in preparation for a full launch and approached me to begin work on their logo.

More Crafted than Crafty – Logo Development

After our initial meeting a key feature of the new brand was to steer away from the “hobby” craft scene, positioning Textile Deli as a more professional, full time outfit.

I looked at branding and logos in the field of hand made, bespoke craft based companies, people and organisations, ensuring Textile Deli would avoid cliches and have a brand which stands out and sets up the company for the future.


Logo Brand Analysis

With this overview complete I undertook a brainstorm of the brand “Textile Deli”. This allowed me to identify a number of ideas and concepts to explore and develop.


Logo Idea Development

Draft Designs

The next stage was to develop a number of draft designs to use in consultation with the client. As you can see below, some of the designs were more developed than others, but the idea was that each was simply a digital “sketch” of the direction the brand could take.


Textile Deli Logo Development

Textile Deli Logo Development

Further Logo Development

After sharing the designs with the Textile Deli team, the “Woolly” mark was chosen to be further developed. This was taken in 3 stages. Improvement of the logo mark, colour and how to lay the mark out.

Textile Deli Logo Development


The mark was refined and smarted up, improving the “ball of wool”, and various colours explored. Textile Deli had a great idea of the colours they wanted which helped focus this exploration.


Logo Development


The last step was the layout or the emblem. One of the goals of the logo was for it to be applied to the final product as a badge or label. I developed a number of form factors to see which would be the most appropriate for this application as well as great for more traditional logo applications.

After a little more development I reached the final logo. Created to remind the viewer of a ball of wool at one glance, a pimento stuffed olive at another and a clean, crisp professional brand in a third!

Here’s a rendered up version


Textile Deli Logo Design


And variations for multiple uses.

Logo Design Variations

Logo Design Variations

Logo Design Variations