Stock 7 Furnishing Brochure Design

A series of eight brochures, for NHG Healthcare, promoting a range of furnishing options for care home environments.

Brochure Design

The Stock 7 range of furniture from NHG streamlines the furnishing of residential care home rooms by providing a series of ready to use room schemes and furniture options, readily available to order. This allows downtime due to the renovation of rooms to be minimal as owners can select the colours, styles and finishes they desire from within a scheme with the knowledge that the items will be delivered without delay.


Rooms can be customised within each scheme to create a cohesive look without being repetitive facsimiles of each other and with the flexibility to suit occupants needs and tastes. Each scheme has furniture, soft furnishings and decoration options to select from, all easy to order from the manufacturer, all they need to do is decorate the walls using the suggested paints and carpet or laminate the floor, again with suggestions to the carpet or laminate to use.

To help managers and owners to choose schemes and options, NHG approached me to create a series of 8 brochures containing all the options within the schemes. Each scheme is introduced by a mood board of colours and patterns allowing users to quickly get an overview of the scheme. This is followed by a step-by-step guide to the options available from bedspreads, cushions and bed runners, through to chair options, style and fabrics, wardrobes, drawers and desks, wall art, paints and finishes.


Each brochure follows a set style and layout with accent colours along the spine to help select the preferred colourway from brochures sat on a bookshelf.

Packed full of choices and order codes, the series of 8 brochures provide a complete care home furnishing solution, full details can be found on the NHG Stock 7 pages.