RDA Coaching Logo and Brand Design

Branding and Logo Design for football coaches RDA Coaching.

RDA Coaching Logo on Black

The Project: RDA Coaching needed to create a new striking and professional brand suited to the sporting sector. The brand would support the business aims of improving the quality of coaching to individuals and professional sports teams alike.

The Solution: A strong design reflecting classic football badges holding swooping curves inspired by traditional leather soccer balls.

RDA Football

Coaching and analysis services for grassroots clubs, coaches and individual coaching.

RDA Coaching has a central goal to improve the quality of coaching available across the spectrum of football coaching. A desire to bring high-quality coaching to individuals and teams, from children and young people to the professional sector.


Forging opportunities to work with talented footballers to improve their game and reach their goals with comprehensive training, physical, technical and mental coaching.


The team at RDA all have a passion to offer the best coaching using cutting edge techniques and technologies.


RDA needed a comprehensive and exceptional visual brand to match this passion. The team had a desire to create a brand that shouted “football” without falling on stereotypes of many smaller coaching and football logos.


The design draws classical football imagery with a stylised badge motif and curves inspired by leather panelled footballs, creating a dynamic logo with visual energy

Drafting the RDA Logo
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Logo Animation

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