Morgan Brewery Beer Bottle and Pump Clip Designs

Designs for the bottles and pump clips from micro-brewery Morgan

Reverend Beer Label Exploded

The Project: Morgan Brewery required a set of pump clips and beer bottle labels for their first range of beers created in their new brewery based at The Spirit Vaults brewpub.

The Solution: Inspired by the brewpub and surrounding locality, Melbourne in Derbyshire, the labels reflect ecclesiastical architecture whilst retaining a modern clean feel.

2020 was a tough year for the wider brewpub thanks to the limited opening imposed because of Covid but the team at Morgan were able to accelerate their plans to bottle their real ales and craft beers.


I had already worked alongside Morgan to create some initial designs for the beer pumps to be used in the bar, developing these to form the basis of the bottle labels, featuring an ecclesiastical arch that reflected both the arching forms in the bars vaulted ceiling and the local church which sits across the road.

Vaults Gold Bottle close up
Reverend Beer Bottle
Vaults Dark Beer Bottle
Vaults Gold Beer Bottle
Morgan Beer Bottles
Christmas Beers
Morgan also brewed a festive beer "Ding Dong".