Leigh Timmis Website Design

Leigh Timmis, round the world cyclist and adventurer needed a responsive CMS Web Design to promote his adventures and burgeoning speaking career.

Leigh is a round the world cyclist and speaker. His stories of survival, self-motivation and the kindness of strangers have been published in the international and national press (ABC Australia, BBC, Daily Telegraph), as well as him making appearances on BBC television and radio.


Leigh undertook a 44,000 mile round the world trip, with £5 a day to spend, taking on the frigid winter of Tibet, the desert tracks of Australia and South Pacific storms. He came face to face with a lion and sang to bears to hopefully prevent attack. Leigh was detained by armed Russian soldiers and drugged and robbed in Singapore.


His return home required Lee to look how he could leverage his passion for adventure day to day. Leigh chose to combine this passion and joy to provide unique talks and motivational speeches, and required a web presence in order to promote his services.


Armed with a series of breathtaking images from across the globe, as well as a practiced writing art, sharpened by his regular reports home.


It was these two elements that became the fulcrum of the site design, with large expansive image spaces to show off his photography, and clean clear typography to allow his blog writing to shine.


The whole site is wrapped in a CMS which allows Leigh to create rich, image soaked magazine style blog pages recalling his exciting trip and investigating the landscapes and humanity he encountered along the way.


The feedback from the Leigh has been exuberant:


…Excellent… Looking great! …bloody awesome!

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