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Modern cycling logo design with a classic feel.

Les Randonneurs Mondiaux, an international ultra long distance cycling association based in France.


This hardy bunch of cyclists enjoy nothing more than cycling +600km specifically organising events such as Paris-Brest-Paris as well as other 1200km events in Europe, The States and Australia, cycled over around 90 hours. This includes the 4 yearly London Edinburgh London event (LEL), which next year (2013) encompasses a 1400km route from the nations capital to the Scottish seat of power and back.


I was approached to create a new logo for the organisation as part of the marketing activities being undertaken by the LEL team (more on my work for this in the near future!).


The brief was to create a new image for an international cycling organisation with very traditional roots. They had an existing logo which was a touch eclectic in it construction featuring a globe, two cyclists a bit of French Tricolour and some unassociated text.


Original Logo

Original Logo

The final design took a few of these elements but brought them right up to date with a modern “badge” style logo that would suit multiple applications from traditional stationary to cycle jerseys and beyond.


The globe is signified with the parallel and meridian lines and is surrounded by a bike chain, this sits above a sign like element with the Les Randonneurs Mondiaux text within.

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