Firehub App Icon and Logo

App Icon Design for Fire Safety Assessment App, Firehub

Firehub Logo

The Project: The Firehub App team needed a distinctive app icon, logo and brand for the fire safety recording app. With a roadmap to launch nationally to the fire safety industry enabling efficient digital recording and record storage.

The Solution: Identifiable at a glance on busy phone and tablet screens, the Firehub logo is stylish, distinctive and noticeable.

Firehub App Icon on iPhone XR

Undertake, Record and Store Fire Safety Assessments

Developed to enable faster, more accurate and simpler fire safety assessments, Firehub can be utilised by fire safety specialists directly as well as by their clients.


Vitally users can quickly identify the app on their device, reducing any friction to a minimum when undertaking regular fire safety checks on-premises.


It was important the app icon, though launching a practical admin system, was attractive and stylish as the app would be used by 3rd party clients from a wide range of sectors. Avoiding a dry dull workman-like design was important to enable resellers to offer an attractive SaaS style app.


The design is rolled out across a number of brand assets such as business cards as well as digital touchpoints including the the centralised App dashboard.

Video Overview of the FireHub design
Firehub Logo Variations
Firehub Logos alternative colours
Firehub Logo Render
Firehub Sample App Dashboard
Firehub Logo on Apple Watch