Central Leeds Church Logo and Branding

Contemporary stylish brand design for a Leeds city center church featuring the church initials, 3 concentric C’s and an L, Christ Church Central Leeds.

When the team behind previous church branding project, Christ Church Derby, were looking to plant a new church in central Leeds, they approached me again to create their new logo and branding.


The goal was threefold, to create a design that reflected a modern church, that exists the heart of Leeds with a reformed theological basis. The solution is formed from 3 concentric C’s with a central L, creating a striking modern mark, flexible for use alongside the church name or alone as an icon.


The creation of a monogram is a nod to historic symbolism within Christianity, combinations of Greek letters such as Chi Rho (XI), iota eta (IH) and iota chi (IX).


The colour palette is serious but not overly important, allowing the brand to create striking visual combinations that stand out from the city crowd. A final supporting element of stylised city buildings is seen on the various branding elements.

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