Branding for Scoops Restaurant Diner

Serving pizzas from their wood-fired oven, gourmet burgers, hand cut steaks and a dazzling array of desserts and gelato made by hand on site.

Branding, logo, menus, internal elements, web site design and more for Scoops Diner, Derby.


A passionate desire to serve the highest quality food and desserts sits at the heart of the Scoops ethos, and it was this aspiration which formed the core of the work I carried out for the restaurants branding. The Scoops team had first ignited this spark within their boutique gelato and dessert parlour where they served freshly made Italian style ice-cream based on one of Derby’s busiest high streets.


Amongst other local food outlets and fast food chains Scoops quality really shone. The desserts parlour was fantastic but too small to expand their eagerness for high quality food beyond the sweet choices, so plans were put in place to open a larger store with the same goals but serving not only freshly made gelato but pizzas, gourmet burgers, steaks and more.


I was introduced to the Scoops team at this point with a remit to evolve the existing Scoops brand to suit a premium quality restaurant. The Scoops name held a good deal of value within the local community as well as further afield so that was to remain, along with the core lettering style.


The updated design took the logo on a modern, contemporary journey ending up with an understated premium brand with a muted colour palate and a fresh feel. I also created a branding style and tone of voice which was used across the restaurant, a large entrance mural and two wall hangings reinforced some of Scoops key values, with various interior elements also sporting the same unified design language.


I created the venues menu designs and other printed materials all within the new Scoops Dessert and Diner brand style.

Scoops Diner Brand

Aftab Rehman, Manager of Scoops Diner said “It was refreshing to work with an experienced, professional graphic designer who quickly understood what we wanted to achieve at Scoops Diner. We provided the bare bones and Kieran fleshed it out to create a spectacular end product design. Aside from the graphic design, I found Kieran to be a warm, genuine, humorous and down to earth chap who pro-actively gave positive and constructive advice on other aspects of our business. I have already and will continue to recommend Kieran to other businesses for his design services work.”