AWE Interactive Logo Design

Logo Design for Video Game Publisher Awe Interactive

AWE Interactive, a Derby based games publisher founded in 2019. Their first game, BPM: Bullets Per Minute, was released in September 2020 to both critical and player success.

Awe Interactive Logo

The Project: AWE Interactive required a logo for their fledgling video games production company. Armed with a handful of existing creative ideas, I worked with AWE to create a professional, flexible brand design.

The Solution: Created from an initial AWE idea, I formed a cohesive and impactful logo that allowed AWE to apply their new brand across both traditional marketing materials as well as within any of the varied computer game titles they make.

Awe Interactive Logo Versions

That sweet, sweet fusion of wonder and fear, irresistible attraction and soul-numbing dread known as awe.

Awe is the Grail of artistic achievement. No other human emotion possesses such raw transformative power, and none is more difficult to evoke.

Few and far between are the works of man that qualify as truly awesome.

It is awe that convinces a rabbi to spend a lifetime decoding Yahweh from the Pentateuch.

Awe that sends millions of visitors each year to the Pyramids of Giza, Guadalupe and Mecca.

– Brian Moriarty, The Secret Of Psalm 46

A lofty description that I worked alongside with the brand!

Awe Interactive Logo Overlay on Artwork
Awe Interactive Logo Coloursheet Mockup
Awe Interactive Logo Secondary
Awe Interactive Logo Solo
Awe Interactive Logo Isolated
Awe Interactive Logo Creation
Awe Interactive Business Card Mockup
Awe Interactive Logo Mockup
Awe Interactive Pin Badge Mockup
Awe Interactive Tee Mockup