Mason Electronics, founded in 1979 are a leading Midlands company providing a comprehensive selection of portable on-site communication systems for sale and hire.

After a recent reorganisation Mason approached me to update their logo and branding in order to bring the brand in line with the companies ambition. Over the previous years the organisation had used various forms of logo in multiple shapes and sizes, with each refresh they continued to use old material stocks presenting their customers with an ad-hoc brand.

Mason were keen to shake this off and make a fresh start.

Working alongside the team at Mason I identified the advantage of keeping the only previous constant, dark blue. A brighter more “blue” colour was chosen as a base and was accompanied by a second almost process blue.

Keen to keep the core “radio” nature of the companies activities, I built a radio tower from the A with transmitting waves. The tower isn’t a replica of a nostalgic 50’s TV broadcast tower but modern and clean. This was supported by a smart sans serif typeface and multiple layout versions for various applications.

The logo was then rolled out to a set of business cards and a letterhead as well as a corporate calendar topper.


Mason Business Card mockup.


Mason Letterhead


Mason Logo letterpress


Mason Logo Isolated


The obligatory drawing lines around the logo mockup.


Detail of the tower isolated.


Horizontal, vertical and icon alternatives.

Finally if you’re after some radio communication equipment then get in touch with the team at Mason!