I suggested in an update to my 2013 Luminarium post that I might post a Photosphere of the structure.

I forgot.

But with the 2015 event looming and a new Luminarium named ‘Arboria’ whichlooks to be open from Monday 25th to Sunday 31st May, it felt about right to amend my forgetfulness.

So here is a photosphere from the inside of the Lumiarium Exxopolis at Lakeside Nottingham during the 2014 Wheee! Festival. You’ll have to excuse all the people with chopped bodies and blurred faces, it was super busy (I’d recommend pre-booking tickets if you’re looking to visit this year, I queued for a good hour and a half last year).

This was Exxopolis’s 2nd visit to the festival. I wrote about it’s first in 2012, which you can read over here!

With the below frame you can drag and zoom around in a full spherical environment, 360º around on all 3 axis. Have a go…

Views: Nottingham, UK by Kieran Harrod