This page always gets popular this time of year. Best place to look for info on the 2016 Luminarium “Katena” is on the Lakeside Web Site. We’re looking to visit on the last Sunday of it’s appearance.

READ ABOUT MY VISIT TO THE LUMINARIUM AT LAKESIDE NOTTINGHAM IN 2015? – The Architects of are are back with Luminarium Arboria in Nottingham at Lakeside, enjoy my thoughts on our visit in 2012 below or check out the details on the Wheee! Festival website.

I popped along in 2014 and took a Photosphere. Here’s what I thought about 2013’s…

A touch off beat but something I really can’t recommend enough if you’re anywhere near Nottingham before the end of next weekend.

The Lakeside Arts Centre within the University of Nottingham run an annual children’s art festival named the Wheee! Festival. On the whole I find this kind of thing a touch conceited, but it’s really rather good fun.


Interior of the luminarium looking up in the main dome roof.

One of the main attractions is a “Luminarium” daftly named Exxopolis. That’s fine, you’ve created the thing, call it what you like. I’ve no idea how one pronounces a “xx” perhaps you just hold the sound for longer?

It’s sort of a cross between a bouncy castle and a sensory room. The folks who created it describe it rather highhandedly as a mix of cathedral and womb. Yeah conceited.

You get a little talk before you head in, it’s not a bouncy castle, don’t climb the walls and don’t run. Happily once inside common sense takes over and the little ones we went with were pretty free do jog around, slip on the walls and sit all over the place.

Essentially a mix of dome like spaces with differently coloured PVC roofs which bath each area in coloured light. Add in some dolphin music and a main dome (called CUPOLA natch) which is actually a little church space like and you’re done.

It really does need to be experienced, it’s a great and different place that’s intriguing to explore and exciting for kids. In our party we had a a couple of 3 year olds, a crawling baby and a not crawling baby. They all loved it.

The adults quite liked it too. Swap out the floaty music for some Drum & Base and you’d have a pretty unique nightclub venue!

The place is there till the 10th of June. The weekend of the 9th and 10th is the festivals “Family Weekend in the Park” which boasts an all day program with stacks going off. Throw in a rather good play park and a pretty nice traditional park with boating lake, it really is a no-brainer if you’re looking for something to do that weekend.

Here’s some snaps from the Luminarium…

Luminarium External

Luminarium Exxopolis

Luminarium Exxopolis

Luminarium Exxopolis

Luminarium Exxopolis

Luminarium Exxopolis

Luminarium Exxopolis