A now annual visit to the excellent Wheee! Children’s Festival at Highfields Park & Lakeside Nottingham generally revolves around a visit to the always excellent, but difficult to describe Luminarium.

Luminarium are grandly named temporary structures manufactured from plastic and kept aloft by air, lots of air. Varying coloured plastics and thicknesses allow differing amounts of light in and create ethereal and enchanting spaces within. Generally a maze of tunnels punctuated by tall rising dome like centrepieces, visitors tend to either wander or chase around, sit in a corner pod or lay looking upwards.

They have daft names too, the one in Nottingham is new and is named Arboria which is less daft than Exxopolis and has a slight reference to the leaf like shapes that form the smaller domes. The central dome has a Tron like feeling with fine glowing red stripes.

It’s fun for people of all age, we’ve had babies to six year olds with us over the years and all have had a good time. They are manufactured by a company call Architects of Air who are from Nottingham. They’re pretty rare to catch as they tour the world, currently they’re only scheduled to appear twice more in the UK during 2015 (London and, erm Telford natch).

Here’s some pictures of the 2015 visit to Nottingham of Luminarium Arboria:


Luminarium Arboria Main Dome Outside


Luminarium Arboria Outside


Luminarium Arboria Inside Green Dome


Luminarium Arboria Inside looking up in the green dome.


Luminarium Arboria Inside Main Dome


Luminarium Arboria Blue Dome


Luminarium Arboria Blue Dome


Luminarium Arboria Orange dome


Luminarium Arboria Interior


Luminarium Arboria Inside


Luminarium Arboria Inside

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