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eg Nike’s is “Nike” and Royal Mail is “Royal Mail”

Do you have a tag line that summarises your business that you’d like to include in the logo? If not perhaps it’s something we can work on together. Great tag lines can encompass a brand quickly for customers.
If there’s one question not to shirk on, it’s this one. Go into as much detail as you can, be descriptive in order to enable me to understand what you sell and how you do it.
Your 60 second summary that describes the above whilst we travel a few floors together in the lift. Usually direct and pithy.
What sets what you sell out from the rest, what position do you hold/plan to hold in the market?
Who will use your products/services, who are they aimed at? Even if “everyone” could use your product, doesn’t mean they will or they are the target. Try to be specific.
Who on any scale are you competing with?Discovering this will help me place your brand correctly, links to websites would be great.
Maybe you’re forging this new project alone from home, or a big national with multiple offices, let me know so I understand the scope.


I need to know what kind of investment you’re putting into the project. Include any additional detail too. Not sure where your project sits? Head to the pricing/budget page and see where you fit in.

Logo Application

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