The wedding sector is incredibly competitive but also exceptionally profitable for many small businesses. Helen of Fairey Tale Events spotted a niche for quality and beautiful wedding candelabra, both table and floorstanding, to decorate wedding venues and churches.

Working with her husband, head of a 50 year old family wrought ironwork manufacturer, Helen has created a range of candelabra to hire, ideal to help make that perfect day more perfect!

I created a logo for the candelabra company, which is a play on the family surname “Fairey”, and featuring a Fairy Godmother style figure, waving her magic above the company name.

She’s a perfect mascot for the brand, friendly and motherly, an excellent helping hand to the decoration of a wedding!


Colour and Black version of the Fairey Tale Logo.


Rendered Logo

And naturally if you’re after some Wedding Candelabra and Candle Sticks for hire, then do visit the Fairey Tale Events website.