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The start for all my customers and the route into all of my branding services. Collaborating to evolve your business vision into a brilliant brand that will make your business soar!

The One Brand Identity Package is capped by my “Every File You’ll Ever Need” Promise and has been created to ensure you receive the highest quality solution that makes a real impact on your audience.

4 Step Branding Strategy?

A four step approach to a design journey that will transform your clients’ (potential and current!) perception of your organisation. Whether you are mainly concerned with digital or print media, the rebranding process you will experience with Kieran Harrod Graphics will give you a whole new passion for – and pride in – the visual portrayal of your business.

Step 1

Kieran uses a four step process, starting with the initial discovery session. This evolves into a conversation until both he and you are happy that all relevant information and insight has been shared.

Step 2

The second step involves exploring innovative ways to apply the results of the previous conversation to a comprehensive brand strategy. Your logo design does not necessarily have to reflect your full company or organisation name, or there may be several design elements that need balancing or distributing across the design, depending on their importance to your overall brand message.

Step 3

The third step is the exciting defining moment of the rebranding process and culminates in a single brand package reveal that captures the heart of everything discussed so far. Kieran will unveil the new logo and branding concept, and talk you through every element of the design and the thought and care that has gone into its creation. It’s important that you’re 100% happy, so this is also an opportunity for any tweaking.

Step 4

The final step of the branding or logo design process gives you the tools to make effective use of your new assets. You will receive hundreds of files in a variety of formats, allowing you to use your new image in every way imaginable. Kieran will talk you through the best use of these files and recommend next steps for you.


If you have discussed further branded collateral earlier in the design process, then these will also be revealed or next steps agreed at this point.


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The One Brand Identity Package

Limited Availability


Delivering brilliant brands through a detailed process, I focus my attention on each client as we work together. Therefore because of this focussed process I only take on one new branding client at a time and limit the projects I undertake during the year.


What to expect…

  • Visual Brand Strategy
  • Master Logo, plus variation, layout, sub-logos and marks
  • Design Collateral (identified during discovery)
  • Colour Combinations
  • Font Selection and Solutions
  • Designs for Social Profile Applications
  • Digital Brand Application Guide

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    Looking for more?

    Once started, we may identify additional services such as packaging or web design for example, that we can discuss and add to the project.

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