Tom Lawes a recently qualified General Practitioner retained my services to develop a logo and stationary in order to present a professional image to promote Locum GP services to local practices. Tom required a smart, restrained image that didn’t use clichéd medical imagery.

Here’s how I developed the logo.

Design Drafts

After discussions with Tom, I chose to focus on Tom as the ‘brand’. As clients would be dealing with him at each stage of the process, it made sense to centre in on his name. I developed a number of drafts for his logo before refining this down to 5.


Logo Development

The next stage involved refining the logo Tom preferred, trying a number of fonts and alignments as well as a number of textual alternatives. The sample below shows this stage.


Logo Refinement and alternatives

Once the logo was finalised, refinements were made to the text to ensure the tracking was spot on. Then a range of alternatives produced for differing applications including a distinct option for very small applications (v3. below)



Finally I applied the logo to a letterhead for Tom to print from his office printer as required.


I’m currently working on Tom’s web site promoting Derby GP Locum services.