I created a series of posters for a children’s church holiday club in Duffield, Derbyshire entitled ‘Jungle Jumble’.

The client had already envisaged some element of ‘mixing up’ animals or fruits (ie pink banana’s), but beyond this I had the freedom to create a solution of my choosing. I decided that creating a number of characters would be exciting and entertaining for the children. The characters would be used on the posters but could also be utilised by the church for other things such as masks or elements of a game.


I began by sketching out a lion face that was friendly and recognisable. After I was happy with the rough development, I redrew the lion digitally in Adobe Illustrator and then added colour to the little chap.

At this point I chose to experiment with mixing the lion up and chose to create a ‘Slion’, which is of course a snake skinned lion with a forked tongue!

Creating the Slion!

I now had a framework in place for a series of characters which I based on the template I had designed with the lion as well as a hook in which to integrate the mixed up nature of the brief.

Two by Two

I created 3 further characters based around a monkey, elephant and hippo crossed with a rhino, tiger and leopard respectively. Below you can see all the cute chaps lined up.

Mixed up
8 Up

Becoming Posters

With the characters in place, I now looked to designing the posters. I chose to make each creature as the stand out element in order to make these the focus. As in general each poster was to be seen alone around a relatively large village, I wanted children to have fun spotting the whole range around the place. Bold contrasting backgrounds where used to help the creatures stand out.

As a well known regular event I was confident that the accompanying adults were prepared to get a little closer to see the specifics of the holiday club, allowing maximum space for the characters. Below are the posters:

The Slion

The Tigaphant

The Leoppopotamus

The Rhinunky

Holiday Club Logo

By now I had chosen to mix the creatures up a little differently on the logo, to both use the designs but without picking one out as a figurehead. I therefore mixed three of the creatures up in a horizontal fruit machine style combining the top of the monkey, eyes of the lion and the hippo’s chin. Layered on to jungle leaves, the complimenting logo was complete.

The Logo