Disciplines Undertaken

Logo Design | Branding | Adobe Illustrator

Interis, an IT solutions and services company based just outside of Derby had outgrown their self created logo and identity. With a number of important marketing activities ahead of them, they were looking to reposition their brand look and feel.

The offering provided by Interis is wide, from on and off site consultancy, IT solutions and Enterprise Application Integration. This wide and broad ranging offering created a challenge of encapsulating the brand in a single logomark.

Interis Before and After

Logo Development

To overcome this challenge I began to develop a number of design ideas, exploring various solutions. The team at Interis were keen to explore a couple of ideas they had, so I included these in my development process.

Interis Development

We now had a a set of draft designs, at various stages of development, to build upon. We met a second time to discuss the drafts and develop a couple of the Interis teams preferred designs. It was a great opportunity to develop some designs on site with the client seeing the changes as I created them.

With these new designs in hand I returned to the studio to further refine and develop these as well as explore a number of additional ideas discussed on site.

Interis Further Development

This second set of development designs was shown to the Interis team. These designs helped focus them on exactly what they were after and with a few more examples on various text and colour options, I created the final Interis logo.

Interis Logo

As always with a completed logo development, Interis were provided with a variety of alternative options and versions, from single colour options and mono colour designs to web ready favicons.

Interis Alternatives

The project extended to business cards, letterheads, a promotional leaflet and pull up marketing banner for use at exhibitions.

Interis Business Card

And of course if you’re after some IT Solutions Derby, head over to the Interis website!