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Celebrating all of those folks who, during this most bizarre time, are caring, working, studying, homeschooling and generally doing an amazing job, or maybe a fun post or link that’ll cheer people up during lockdown!


I’ve assigned each item a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License meaning you can download it and do as you wish, as long as it’s not for commercial profit.


And if you want to support the project and me, you can buy a mug, maybe as a gift for your own local down hero!

  • I've been discussing with the our local school about putting a pin badge together to celebrate the achievements of all the children who are at home doing their best to get some learning done! I may have got a little carried away....

  • Make those Zoom quizzes just a little smoother with this set of #Lockdownhero flash cards!...

  • Here’s to you the Nurse! A true and mighty #LockDownHero! Each day you wake for another shift, another day of striving endlessly to keep the public safe. ...

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