When our local school discovered they’d misplaced their Summer Fair banner, days before they wanted to use it, I put together this design for a new one and arranged to get it printed in a couple of days.


The Bright and Bold Summer Fair Banner

It’s pretty generic because it’ll be used year after year, so much of the detail of what’s on to the time and date isn’t present. The school puts the banner up in the week running up to the event, the date for which obviously changes year by year.

As such I figured that it might be of use to someone else, such as other schools, villages, scout and brownie groups.

So I’ve put together a print-ready version for you to download for free. It’s 800mm tall by 2500mm wide (0.8m x 2.5m). Set with a 3mm bleed, it’s ready to go with pretty much any print service you use.


Detail of the PDF artwork


Buy Me a Coffee

I’m totally cool with you grabbing the PDF for absolutely free and getting it printed by your favourite local printer. But if you want to show your thanks, you can buy me a coffee via PayPal:

A Few Notes

• I’d love you to make use of this banner for your event. If you do, send me a picture!
• I’d not love it however if you use the free download in any other way than promoting your event. So don’t sell it on or include it in any software or otherwise that you make money from.
• Please don’t upload this to your own domain or any other 3rd party domain and make it available to download elsewhere.
• If you want to share the banner artwork onward, that’s great, but please direct people to this page as the original source.

I’ve applied a Creative Commons License to the artwork, the details of which can be found below:

Creative Commons License
Free Summer Fair Banner by Kieran Harrod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at http://www.harrod.graphics/free-ready-to-print-summer-fair-banner.