Shipping Forecast - Found Type Filey

Found Type Filey

The thing about found type is, of course, that you simply just find it.

So it was in former North Yorkshire fishing town, now a resurgent seaside resort, Filey where a few unexpected typographical treats can be discovered.

Along the promenade which sits fairly high above the pretty vast beach, there are a couple of text based treats installed into the paving. Along the more southerly section at intervals are names of some sort (I can’t get Google to tell me exactly what they are), but perhaps that are boat names reflecting the towns fishing past?

Set in a bulbous serif font made from tarmac or concrete and set within a pebble surround, they’re quite charming.

Then I guess what’s around the centre of the promenade directly down from the middle of the main town is a compass sculpture, the centre of which is a fountain. As well as the expected NESW geographical pointers, the compass rose contained the names of the sea areas around the UK. Non mariners amongst us will perhaps know the best from the trance like Shipping Forecast on Radio 4 (well those of us who keep the radio on whilst it washes over us, or who listen to the cricket on Long Wave).

The letters, this time a heavy sans serif, again are made of some paving material. The names of the sea areas are really rather nice, the large compass point letters are less classy and seem to have been malformed when curving around the circle during the design stage.

Lastly the small boat launch at the northerly edge still houses a few boats, some which see active service, including a life boat base, others which look somewhat unloved. One of the rustier boats had this beautiful bit of hand painted lettering.