Mobilise Your Workforce is a regular conference designed for Senior and Operations Managers in industry looking at the ever changing future of mobile technology. Hosted by longstanding mobile solutions provider TBS Mobility at the UK head office of Microsoft in Cardinal Square London.

Working with the team at TBS and the excellent Cuckoo PR Agency, I created a imagery, promotional materials and a mini-site with mobile variation for the 2012 event titled “Still in the Technology Dark Ages?”.

We developed an Evolution based theme leveraging a recognisable “ape to man” silhouette equipping each of the characters with ever modern tools for their work, starting with a toolkit, large 80’s phone and laptop computer, finishing with a modern handheld mobile device.

Once I’d created the main illustration I applied this to the promotional flyers, an email shot and the mini-site as well as developing the sign-up and tracking system for the site.

The mini-site has been retired, but you can have a peep at it on the back end of my site, but I’d suggest you don’t sign up – Mobilise Your Workforce Archive

All copy on the site was created by the fine folks at Cuckoo PR.


The reverse of the card was set up to allow a mail house to apply postal addresses of the postcard.


The MYWF mini site was carefully designed to look great on a variety of mobile devices!


Promotional "Teaser" card and site on Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 devices.