CJP Engineering Services provide the concrete and building industry with mild and furnace hardened steel products. From products to manufacture concrete items to on-site solutions such as hoppers and folk-lift clamps.

As a new startup CJP Engineering required a professional business identity and logo. Quality and strength were central to the CJP product and the brand solution needed to reflect this.

The CJP element features the initials in a strong customised font which mirrors the forms of manufactured bent steel and interlocks with itself in a similar vein to the products the company produces.

The rest of the logo is set in Futura Condensed Medium and is set tightly to visually form a solid item which reminds one of the sturdy products of the business.

Digital documents were created for Letterheads, Statements, Advice Notes and Invoices which allowed the client to enter data within a PDF and email or print the file to send to customers.

CJP Logo

CJP Documents on Desk