We popped to Markeaton Park the other week. Derby Council have reinstalled the play area which was getting somewhat tired. The first stage was a new pirate ship installed last year which is great. The new update has fenced off a larger area, excluding dogs from most of the “Mundy Play Centre” and brought lots of picnic friendly grassy areas within the canine excluded zone, which I think is great.

They’ve mixed reusing some of the original play equipment with some new, the Spiders web (that I played on as a Child) has been expanded and is now a double header kinda thing, great, but they’ve removed the long twin side by side slides which is a real shame. These have been replaced by some new slides over by the pirate ship but there’s not the scope for slide races that there was before.

What I did spot was this rather handsome “Derby Parks” logo on a sign. I can’t find any more info about it, but it’s a good’un! I still love the Derby City Council logo too, but I wish they could stack the text.



Does anyone have any info on it? Who designed it? Where it’s used? Let me know in the comments!


New Play Area


Pirate Ship