I’ll let go of this bone soon, but while I’m on council logo’s, here’s a few I like, just to pick up the mood.

Great Council Logo's

All of this does lead us to the question of does it matter if your council’s got a good logo or not? Or should they spend the money on something else, like emptying my bin or paying staff a bit better.

Well I happen to think it does matter. Just consider some of the services that the council provides. A number of these have to compete with commercial ventures, and some of them I think are vital to our well-being. Services such as parks, leisure centres and sports facilities, out of school activities, libraries and museums are all provided by local councils.

Many of the services are provided for free or at a subsidy. I think they are under appreciated by us in general. I often head to the local park, freely provided by my council, for my 2 year old to have a slide and a swing. When I’m a little more organised, I head to Markeaton park in Derby. Apart from a couple of quid to park, it’s free. With lakes and ducks, climbing frames and big slides, places to picnic and a little train there’s stacks to do and the little one adores it.

She also likes the Library. Sure she’s more into lining up the chairs in the kiddie bit, to make a train whilst she is there, but she’s also pretty keen on the ‘new books’ we borrow. And she swims for free, I have to pay, but you can’t grumble, and the local swimming pool is spanking new and well kitted out.

I try to make good use of these facilities, if we don’t take advantage of them, we’ll lose them and I’d hate that. But we don’t use them as we could, and I’m not pointing the finger as I’m just as guilty of not making the most of what’s on offer. That’s because I’m somewhat lazy and I let other things take my attention, the TV for example. If council’s have to compete for your leisure time with the sophisticated marketing of the TV moguls, or the internet or commercial parks and entertainments, they need the tools to do so.

Councils need an equally sophisticated set of tools, including a great image with a useful logo. They need a well planned strategy to promote their offerings to residents, to explain why people should use their facilities over others. They need to spend money to achieve this.

I think it was the Victorians who first got to grips with the health benefits of open spaces and parks to take your leisure time in. It was something to do with the fact that the working class were for the first time able to have free time and children were not expected to work as soon as they were able. Open spaces, places to run and play, to enjoy the fresh air and appreciate the trees and wildlife or cultural places to embrace art and literature, these are important to our lives.

So before you write to your local paper after the council updates their logo, raging about the waste of money, remember that it may just be worth it for the betterment of your community.