Disciplines Undertaken

Logo Design | Branding | Adobe Illustrator

Yellow approached me as part of their corporate restructuring process, moving from a rail operations focused start-up to a multifaceted consultancy, services, operations and recruitment business.

Key to this transition was to shake the useful but single minded “Yellow Rail” brand that had grown to just “Yellow”, encompassing four new businesses which form part of the whole.

Seeking a new corporate logo and branding as a first stop, Yellow had a good idea of what they were aiming to acheive:

The objective is to completely ‘re-brand’ under a ‘Yellow Group of Companies’ banner in order to focus stakeholders on the core brand (Yellow) and not the individual sub-brands (the individual companies). This approach requires some real thought as to how this can be achieved.

The branding has to play on the company name through its colour, with a Yellow ‘theme’ being consistent throughout all branding material.

I developed a bold, confident new logo to be used as part of an overall branding push that will incorporate company brochures, stationary and website.

Utilising a strong shade of yellow as a base, the logotype is clean and clear, accompanied by a rail themed logo mark termed “Continuity”, a mix of track and tunnel iconography and pressing the full circle service Yellow provides it’s clients.

Logo Design Derby - Yellow

I also developed the 4 sub brands for use across materials.

Brand Design Derby - Yellow