I’ve been following the charity, ColaLife on Facebook ever since my friend Jeremy pointed it out on his blog Make Wealth History.

In a nutshell, ColaLife plan to make use of the spaces in crates of coca-cola and piggy back their distribution system to get simple, vital lifesaving medicines to local health centres in Africa. I loved the plan as soon as I read of it, such a simple but imaginative idea.

The founder of ColaLife, Simon Berry put out a call on Facebook for designers who could rustle up a poster for the charity. I got in touch and willingly volunteered. The deadline was a little tight and Simon was in Zambia undertaking a field trial so he had plenty on his hands before coming up with a detailed brief for the job. Despite his busy schedule, Simon provided a brief complete with presentations of the concept and links to suitable images.

The project scope was fairly large once it was laid out and the poster was more of a 6×4 foot information banner designed to display the ColaLife project in brief. The poster will be used in the World Health Care Congress (WHCC) series of events starting with Abu Dhabi on 11-13 December.


You can download the full res colalife poster as a pdf, (11mb), download the smaller colalife poster (1.6mb) or grab the jpeg from flickr.

Here’s a few more links of interest.

Watch Simons TEDxBerlin Talk to get a good idea of the project

Visit the ColaLife site.

Here’s the poster on the ColaLife blog, check it out.

Here’s the Poster on the WHCC web site, have a look.

And follow ColaLife @colalife or on Facebook

I hope you like it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!