Continuing the church advertising work for Derby based congregation Christ Church Derby, created for the 2012 sermon series based on the book of Acts and titled “The Coming of the Kingdom”.

I have a relatively open brief of the flyers based around the churches desire to be relevant to the metropolitan city centre public, to be a church for people who don’t go to church and to be distinctive within the community.

Previous church flyers have taken photography and typography as their basis. For 2012 I wanted to reflect something of the London Olympics, taking place in the summer.

The main inspiration for the geometric abstract design then is the work of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games Art poster series, such as Max Bill’s or Piero Dorazio as well as the overall design construct created by Otl Aicher.

The abstract nature of the church flyer allows the viewer to decide what she see’s, perhaps it’s layers of the earth, being revealed step by step in search of God’s Kingdom? Do the two cones of light represent two paths to follow, one of which leads to the Kingdom? The viewer may see something else as the design offers questions reflecting the questioning nature of one who studies the Bible.

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