Continued examples of work for Christ Church Derby, taking on a theme for a series of 3 promotional flyer/postcards.

Covering the period of Winter/Spring 20012-13 this series of 3 flyers followed a theme of strong geometric designs. Created to be striking and unashamedly modern the flyers feature a strong central element echoed out in colour bands with intersecting variations.

Term Card

The term card introduced the theme for the cards which would be reused for a couple of one off events later in the year. A desaturated set of expanding circles sheds light on the terms main theme.

The abstract nature of the church flyer allows the viewer to decide what she see’s, perhaps it’s layers of the earth, being revealed step by step in search of God’s Kingdom? Do the two cones of light represent two paths to follow, one of which leads to the Kingdom? The viewer may see something else as the design offers questions reflecting the questioning nature of one who studies the Bible.


The term card took an abstract circular pattern representing progress.

Christmas Promotional

Designed to promote the Christmas service at the Church this flyer simply runs with the repeating pattern theme but this time based upon the Christmas Star. Adding in a dash of seasonal colour, on this case rich blues and the flyer is complete!


The Christmas 2012 flyer was based around the Christmas Star

Event Invitation Flyer

The final flyer in the set promotes an evening talk on the subject of Love and God. The repeating pattern was simple to select, a heart, and as it was close to Valentines day some suitable romantic colours were selected.

The rear of the flyer features the menu and a small map to the venue serving multiple uses, to promote, to remind and to inform.


The meal invitation too a love heart as it's pattern.

Christ Church Derby is a modern evangelical church with a reformed theological basis. It meets on Sunday afternoons from 4 – 6pm at the Joseph Wright 6th Form Centre in the heart of Derby City.