Christ Church Derby (CCD) is a church plant based in the city centre. Launched in September 2010, the church has a modern outlook on society, aiming to be culturally engaged and with an unashamedly evangelical reformed view of God and Gospel driven heart.

The church has been planted by an evangelical Anglican church, St Alkmund’s in Duffiled and is fronted by the former assistant minister Jonty Rhodes. Christ Church Derby is an independent church with a congregation drawn from every age.

In order to fulfil the plan to be culturally relevant, CCD is looking to present itself in a modern way across promotional channels. This includes a web site, Facebook group, twitter profile and print based promotional materials.

Kieran Harrod Design and Marketing has produced a series of term cards for the church. These A6 cards use modern imagery combined with each terms sermon theme to offer a bold and bright brand to the people of Derby.

The Rebel King

The Rebel King

The early persecuted church were unable to openly worship Jesus, and stories of roman Christians developing a series of coded symbols, drawn in the city sewer systems are well known, indeed it’s believed that the popular ‘fish’ logo seen on car bumpers was first used by these early Christians.

What would underground followers of Jesus, the Rebel King do today if they were persecuted to the same way as His early followers? I developed a strong graffiti style tag showing the clenched fist of a rebel but with the nail hole in the wrist, a reminder of Christ’s punishment of the cross.

This was applied to an image of a graffiti’d underground train, to reflect the marks made in the roman sewers.

Following the Rebel King

Following The Rebel King

The second sermon series followed on from the first and the original icon was applied to a road. The image has gone from an underground graffiti tag to a directional indication on the transport network, helping users to find their way.

Every Square Inch

Every Square Inch

Based on a quote by the Dutch Prime Minister/theologian Abraham Kuyper: “there is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry: ‘Mine!’” this sermon series was to cover how this applied in 2011.

The card took the title, Every Square Inch and applied it as text across the whole surface. An overlay promoting the words Christ Church Derby was developed to become a constant across the range of promotional cards. A striking main image is to be used each time, with the subtle but clear brand keeping all items consistent.

The Really Big Society

Big Society

The Church in Ephesis was at various times a great example of church life as well as a warning for churches who lose sight of Christ. Creating a powerful Church Society has echo’s with the Conservatives policy (should you think it’s right or not on a Government scale) of the Big Society. God plans for a Really Big Society, better than anything that sinful people can hope to achieve on earth.

The imagery was taken from early promotional artwork for the governments Big Society, to create a connection to the topic of the moment.



The simple, clean and contemporary Christmas promotional flyer took christmas colours as a abstract background. The now regular overlay keeps the design in line with the rest of the series.