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Branding Tent

Designing Branding that Lasts

21 September 2017, 11:48

Kieran Harrod brand designer with an office at Friar Gate Studios and tent folder extraordinaire discusses an issue facing many businesses looking to re-brand.

Nautical Discount

Feeling Nautical? Get 10% off!

26 June 2017, 11:56

Bring your sea worthy brand to life with 10% off logo design services!


Business Card Pocket Portfolio

5 April 2017, 14:26

On a 600gsm stock my business cards are fabulous, really sturdy and thick, they also have a great feel to the finish. They also feature some of my fave projects to make a pocket portfolio!

Kieran Harrod - Friar Gate Studios

At the Office

9 February 2017, 10:22

It was about time I took a fancy “working hard at the office” type photo. This is the co-working space at Friar Gate Studios.

Every File You'll Ever Need

Logo Project Delivery, What Files Should You Expect?

2 February 2017, 08:00

At some point in the discussion of a new branding project, the client will almost always ask what files they expect to receive. At first, I found this an odd query, although perfectly valid, my assumption was alway that I’d supply every file they’d need, why would I design a logo and do anything less?


Arguing in Black and White

21 June 2016, 09:41

A Meme to complain about the rise of internet memes.

Kieran Harrod Design is 5

5 is the Magic Number

12 May 2016, 05:42

Dashing through the hectic pile of exciting creative projects I’m involved in, it’s tricky sometimes to take a moment to step back, reflect and take a breath. Having operated as a business for 5 years seems like a good enough excuse to do just so.

Bright Logo Design

Bold Logo Draft

11 March 2016, 10:28

A bright bold exuberant draft logo design.


2016 Designer Wall Planner

21 October 2015, 11:09

Looking for a great wall planner, to mark down various events and deadlines or holidays for the yourself or the department, this 2016 planner is a good one, its very handsome, exquisitely designed and super practical, even if I do say so myself!


Letterpress Business Card Design

10 June 2014, 09:23

With feet firmly under desk at Friar Gate Studios, it was time to put together some letterpress business cards with the new address working with SmallPrintCo in Derby.


The 2014 Wall Planner

21 August 2013, 11:01

New! Buy the 2016 Wall Planner today!

If you’re after good wall planner, to mark down various events and deadlines or holidays for the yourself or the department, this planner is a good one, its very handsome, exquisitely designed and super practical, even if I do say so myself!





  • 15 February 2018, 08:38
    That's the clock tower of what is currently #Derby Central #Library Well till April at least… #sunshine #sunny #goodmorning #walktowork #clock #austerity #politicalsatire

  • 13 February 2018, 12:14
    I created this little fellow to front my new Facebook ChatBot⠀ ⠀ He's called #DesignBot and you can speak to him on my website!

  • 1 February 2018, 08:20
    Derby Cathedral looking handsome in the fresh morning sunlight… #derby #church #bluesky #b

  • 25 January 2018, 16:25
    Branding for Windsor Chester Windsor cycle event, a modern interpretation of a heraldic crest…⠀ ⠀ #LogoDesign #Windsor #Chester #cycling

  • 24 January 2018, 13:44
    This is Leeds Uniteds new club badge. It looks like a #BritainFirst badge, so I tweaked it… 👉

  • 24 January 2018, 12:34
    Without doubt the highlight of my annual #taxreturn is this download page reminding me the back in 1996, it would take over 5 full English minutes to download a PDF… #tax #taxseason #download

  • 23 January 2018, 10:47
    I really like the interaction with the icon and the gradient as it gets positioned on the page, the punchy gradient itself is joyful.⠀ ⠀ #stationary #branding #letterheads #businesscards #logodesign

  • 23 January 2018, 09:50
    This draft logo was getting quite developed when we decided the E3 wasn't quite strong enough and took a completely different direction.⠀ ⠀ #logodesign #designdraft #graphicdesign #banding #orange #pink

  • 22 January 2018, 16:39
    Drafting a super-mini flyer, something about the blue version is giving me a Co-op vibe though…⠀ ⠀ #GraphicDesign #flyer

  • 22 January 2018, 13:03
    Little last minute invite for a family thing…⠀ ⠀ #gold #seventy #birthday #food #fam #family #inlaws


Kieran Harrod Design

  • A tiny little plant pot that you could put a tiny little cactus in. | 26 Desk Accessories That Will Make You Happier To Be At Work

  • Pierre Geometric Terrarium - Octahedron - Zinc

  • Geometric terrariums. I'd like to have these on my desk at work.

  • A Tale of Two Christmas Flyers Ah Christmas the season that starts ever earlier! As the final firework leaves the launch tube the commercial arm of the Xmas kicks into gear showering us with adverts tinsel and Michael Bublé. Its December now though so is it OK to discuss a few things festive? Best close the tab now if not because Im going to discuss a Tale of two Christmas flyers. However long we think the run-up to Christmas has extended there are some folks for example those in the consumer products field for whom Christmas commands their time for much much longer. Unsurprisingly churches also have to keep one eye on Christmas from pretty early in the year planning a multitude of events and services often alongside the local community or schools. Ive been designing various things for a couple of churches for a number of years now (one I attend the other I used to) this year I created promotional Christmas flyers for them both. Theyve both been printed and Ive got them in my hands. Theres something striking when you have them together just how different they are despite both being the same format printed on A6 double-sided 450gsm stock. Its also despite the core theology of the two churches being roughly similar (I guess the shorthand would be reformed evangelical or those who were wondering) and despite the ultimate goal getting people to church at Christmas being the same. As I sat considering this I realised it was a good lesson in getting to know your client and ensuring design solutions meet their needs. St Alkmunds Duffield Duffield Church Flyers During 2017 Ive worked with St Alkmunds (and sister church St. Pauls) to develop a new website and brand for the two congregations. Things are nearly wrapped up (and I look forward to sharing that soon) and we developed a promotional flyer for this years 2017 Christmas events. St Alkmunds is a church that can date itself back to the Doomsday book the existing church is believed to have been started by the Normans in the 12th century. It serves a large mostly well-off residential village to the north of Derby. Its a very pretty very traditional looking building and always enjoys busy Christmas events attended by people throughout the village with some seven special events from Christingles to Carols on top of their regular advent Sunday services. The village is also kind of typical middle class and pretty boasting some of Derbyshires best schools (one even ranks exceedingly highly in the national league tables) packed with well-educated residents families and comfortably off retirees. Christmas is always well attended links to the local schools make promoting traditional childrens services easy but the Church didnt want to rest on their laurels and were keen to promote the dates for the 2017 season. Although the church community is modern in outlook the wider village looks tend to prefer comfortable traditional Christmas celebrations with carols choirs and candles. Duffield Flyer Back I reflected this in the flyers with a stylish script announcing Christmas on a teal blue background taken from the newly developed branding colourway. Its a sophisticated and stylish design aimed to appeal to the people of the village. It speaks of a traditional Christmas with well-known songs and crib services. Christ Church Derby Christ Church Manger Things Church Flyer In contrast the congregation of 7-year-old Christ Church Derby meets in a former scaffolding warehouse in the centre of Derby. Theres very little traditional beyond theology at the church. With an age range somewhat younger than your typical church lost of young families and students they have an outlook to match. Christmas services do have a sprinkling of tradition songs youll recognise mince pies and a little nativity scene but theres plenty unusual too no church organ or choir for example. The surrounding community is far more mixed than Duffields with blocks of flats and streets of Victorian terrace houses making up the bulk of the residential stock. Its a typical city community more diverse and mixed than a village or town with generally modestly incomes as well as pockets of poverty. For the Christ Church Derby flyers I aimed for something much more modern and developed a design that picked up on a recent cultural event the release of Netflix Stranger Things. I was mulling over the design as the program was released at the end of October and the wordplay of Stranger and Manger struck me as interesting. I then needed to persuade the client that billing the Christmas event at the church as Manger Things was a good idea! Christ Church Flyer Front - Manger Things Fortunately they loved it so I recreated the Stranger Things title text using the font Benguiat adding the various effects and shadows until Id got something along the lines of the original titles. The finishing touch was to reference the large red 2 in the second seasons titles with a Christmas star shape behind the text. Its a much more modern of the moment design created to appeal to culturally aware city dwellers. Comparisons The two designs then are leagues apart in style targetting two very different audiences. I dont think you could simply swap the two styles over. Using the traditional St Alkmunds flyer for Christ Church Derby would I believe create a false impression that the services are really traditional Christmas visitors may be disappointed that this wasnt quite what they got. Promoting Duffield with the Manger Things flyer would maybe alienate traditional Christmas attendees confusing the message that at St Alkmunds they can expect a recognisable Christmas service. Two very different flyers then both attempting to do the same thing encourage people to come to church at Christmas both great fun to work on and both being distributed to local communities as I type. Id love to hear your thoughts which design do you prefer? Which works the best? let me know below! Duffield Flyers Duffield Flyer Front Christ Church Flyers Duffield Church Flyer Christ Church Flyer Back Tale of Two Christmas Flyers A Tale of Two Christmas Flyers

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…we would like to thank you for all your hard work and patience in designing the new IPC website. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and people think it looks excellent.

So thank you.

Jonny Gibson - International Presbyterian Church


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