Concept Carpets Derby an Allenton based Carpet Store commissioned me to develop a new web site promoting the business.

After a less than ideal experience with a previous web design company, Concept were looking for a site which not only advertised the location of the shop but also attracted Derby and East Midlands based web browsers to visit the site, contact the shop and ultimately purchase their flooring from Concept Carpets.

I suggested providing additional worthwhile content that visitors would find valuable and place Concept Carpets as experts in the field. As the new site was replacing an existing one from a previous agency it has been important to build it in stages to keep an appropriate ‘live’ site ready at each step.

As such the existing site is a 1 page splash which is due to be upgraded to a deeper site in the near future.

The dark site design gives the business a professional and high quality look giving confidence to the visitor that the company is both trustworthy and reliable.

So of course, if you’re looking for Carpets Derby then head on over and give them a ring!

Concept Carpets Site

Concept Carpets Site