Integrating 40 years of care knowledge from charity Guidepost Trusts and a collaboration with ISEEU Global, Care in One Place provides a one-stop online marketplace where people can assess their personal circumstances to find the right care package, and purchase the necessary products and services.

With a proven digital platform integrating care products and services for use by health professionals, the people at Guidepost Trusts and ISEEU Global have launched Care in One Place to expand and bring this platform into the public realm.

Care in One Place is looking to raise the capital to develop the system, part of the funding plan is working with Crowdcube, a crowd funding investment website. Whilst preparing to launch on Crowdcube, the team identified the importance of improving the branding of the campaign from the early in house designs to something that could be applied to an “investor deck” or slide presentation of the investment offering, to a video presentation and a draft website design.

I was approached by ISEEU, who I’d worked with previously, to develop the Care in One Place branding and apply it to the investor deck.

The final solution combined three key elements:

Location: Providing products and services where you’re at is the key goal to Care in One Place as well as allowing users to access the site wherever they are. Three recognisable map pins form the shape of the logo mark.

Care: The pins combine to form a classic heart shape, representing care and love.

Everyone: The Pin/Heart mark is dressed in warm hues of the rainbow, Care in One Place is for everyone.

By bringing these elements together the logo is decipherable at a glance, Care in One Place is designed for you, whoever you are, wherever you are. The three pins are easy differently coloured, different people with different needs who can all access the care they need, where they need it, all from a single online platform.

The 3 gradients, plus a fourth fuller rainbow gradient become supporting elements and backgrounds. A carefully crafted 1 colour version of the mark can sit on these gradients or can be used if the full colour design is unsuitable due to print restrictions or size constraints.

The logo text is rendered in the Omnes font which is a rounded typeface that’s neither excessively literal. Selective rounding circumvents the ‘sausage-link’ effect and non-geometric forms pay homage to 19th-century rounded Grotesques.

The result of the branding is a warm, approachable brand which meets those with care needs, and their families, where they’re at, and provides a professional design for investors to back.

If you’re in the position to invest, you can head over to read the full proposal on Crowdcube, or browse the Care Products and Services beta site at

Finally, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the branding below…