I guess it must say something about my mood, wanting something sunny on these disappointingly dull summers days. So here’s a link to a bunch of American customised vans.

Taken since 1996, the project Vans and the Places they Live aims to capture the vans, their own aesthetic quality and the discussion created between the van and it’s surroundings. Modern tastes and environmental concerns have made the type of van in question increasingly rare. At the same time, the analogue 120mm film is also becoming less available and the artist aims to take a photo of the last van of it’s type with the last roll of film.

There seem to be two types of van in the set, and I like the aesthetic of them both. Firstly the rusty, aging banger and it’s fading glory, and secondly the shiny well maintained examples.

They all sit in locations that can only be West Coast America, be it beach side with palm trees, outside suburban homes or in parking lots. Head over and have a look at the selection online, and let me know your favorite.

Van 1

Van 2

Van 3

Van 3